If you understand Italian, you may read the story of my career in this blog by Salvatore Giannella.
Se capite l’italiano, potete leggere la storia della mia carriera nel blog di Salvatore Giannella.

Elisa Leonelli – da (from) Modena a (to) Hollywood
Italici/Chi ce l’ha fatta e come (Italians/Who made it and how)

Modena, Duomo. 1985

Modena, Duomo. 1985

Paramount Studios. 1990

Paramount Studios. 1990

Capitolo 1 (Chapter 1) 15 giugno (June 15) 2015
Capitolo 2 (Chapter 2) 22 giugno (June 22) 2015
Capitolo 3 (Chapter 3)  2 luglio (July 2) 2015
You may find a version with English translation and more photos in this blog.
Potete trovare una versione con traduzione in inglese e altre foto in questo blog.
Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3 Conclusion

A short essay by Elisa Leonelli “My Career and My Photography” was published in the anthology Collection by USC Emeriti College. Autobiography Matters: Themes of Our Lives. Available on Amazon. Read unedited text with links.

Elisa Leonelli presented her photographic work at the LA Central Library, on June 24, 2015. This talk, part of the Photographer’s Eye series, was sponsored by Photo FriendsRead text and see photos.

Ave Pildas asked Elisa Leonelli to write the introduction for one of his photo booklets, Photomat.  Available at the exhibition of his Hollywood Blvd street photography at LACE Gallery, 2015.

Elisa Leonelli writes articles, profiles and biographies for the website of the HFPA, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, voters and producers of the Golden Globe Awards.

The San Pedro Film Festival featured a portrait of Charles Bukowski that Elisa Leonelli photographed in 1981, for a 2015 celebration of the writer.  Cultural Weekly published the interview. Then asked me to become a regular contributor. Read more articles here.


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